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Dịch vụ nâng hạ bằng xe nâng 25 tấn tại Hải Phòng

Forklift rental in Hai Phong Viet Nam

You need to rent a forklift to work, Rental forklifts in Hai Phong Viet Nam is the service that most fully meet your needs. Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company specializes in providing transportation, lifting, loading and unloading services at warehouses, factories, works and seaports not only in Hai Phong but also in the northern provinces. .

With a team of professional drivers, with a variety of forklifts, we have all kinds of forklifts from small to large size 3 tons, 7 tons, 13.5 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons. It serves customers who use small or large scale. Call us hotline 0906.04.11.78 to get the best support and advice on quotes and advice.

Forklift forent in Viet Nam service

Forklift rental in Hai Phong Viet Nam

Quality services need to go with good price, forklift rental in Hai Phong best price you need to contact Thanh Nhat Trading JSC, with over 5 years supply of electric forklifts, forklifts Hand in hand in Hai Phong for all objects, we always provide the works.

With a forklift, you increase the size of 2-3 tons with a model of lifting and lowering pallets, while the use of services for renting two-room vehicles for the purpose of lifting heavy machinery should be used. large forklift trucks in Haiphong such as forklift 20 tons, forklift 25 tons dedicated to lift and transport at a distance of several kilometers.

Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company satisfies the customers of large forklifts such as forklift trucks and lift equipment specialized in the factory, moreover, we always have the most competitive price for customers.

Location Forklift rental in Hai Phong

Thanh Nguyen JSC provides forklift service in Hai Phong in the districts of An Lao, Thuy Nguyen, An Duong, Kien Thuy, Cat Hai and districts such as Ngo Quyen, Hong Bang, Hai An, Do Son and Duong. Kinh.

In addition to Hai Phong, the provinces such as Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh are one of the places we receive a lot of favor from you, from the professional services. See also forklift rental in Hung Yen, forklift rental in Hai Duong, forklift rental in Thai Binh.

Advantages of using forklift rental service in Hai Phong
Owning a team of experienced driver technicians, with the number of forklift trucks to over 20, we are committed to having enough vehicles for you to serve customers in the district, We There are always incentives reserved for customers when using a variety of forklift trucks of Thanh Nguyen. Call our hotline 0906.04.11.78 to advise our consultants and advise you to choose the best forklift for you.

Competitive price: We always have competitive price as compared to other units supplying services for Hai Phong, so Thanh Nguyen is always the first choice of customers when there. Need to use for forklift that need to rent in the short or long term without spending money to buy new forklift (this form is quite expensive)

Our other services

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Why choose our Haiphong Forklift service?

Professional to every task
Competitive price compared to other units
Many types of forklifts, the number of ready to meet customers
There is continuous technical support during the forklift rental process

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